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Discover Your Calling.

Deepen Your Faith.

Change the World.

Heartland College offers fully accredited associates, bachelors and masters programs that are highly customizable to fit your unique goals and context. Our aim is to create lifelong learners who are prepared to change the world through their God-given calling.

Pillars of Education

Knowledge is Integrative

What we know, who we are, and what we do are deeply connected. Our education journey should reflect this reality by integrating content, character, and craft in all learning opportunities.

Outcome-Based Education

Flourishing in one’s vocation requires a particular set of skills and competencies and thus the student’s education should be fine-tuned to allow these to best develop.

Community Oriented

Education is best done in community. Each student has a team of mentors and will interact with other students who come from diverse traditions.

Clint Neptune serves as a Faculty Mentor at Heartland College and as the Discipleship Director at Heartland Community Church in Medina, Ohio.

His passion is to see students practice the intellectual virtues of curiosity, openness, thoroughness, and courage, and explore how this can deepen their walk with King Jesus.  He and his wife Sara have four kids and love to spend time together as a family by hiking and playing games.

Ph.D. in Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago, 2021
M.A. in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, Talbot School of Theology, 2013
B.A. in Biology, Kent State University, 2010
B.A. in Philosophy, Kent State University, 2010

What would an average month look like in the program?

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