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Get Baptized

We believe that one of the best ways to share your spiritual story with others is to declare that Jesus is the King of your life through baptism!

But isn’t getting dunked in a tank of water in front of a bunch of people weird?

Yes. And it is a powerful demonstration of how God is still on the move in people’s lives.  See, going under the water symbolizes the passing away of our former way of living with us on the throne of our life, and coming up out of the water is a picture of our new life where Jesus is on the throne. It is a way of publicly declaring that Jesus is the King of our lives!

It’s a beautiful celebration, and we encourage everyone who considers themself a follower of Jesus to take this step at some point.

If you discern that baptism is your next step, please let us know here!

I'm Interested

Do you have a child or student that would like to be baptized? In place of taking the online course, contact Jeny Slovinski or Alanna Dayton to set up an in-person meeting.