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Once you’ve made gathering with us to worship on Sunday morning a habit, we believe a great next step to grow spiritually is to Find Your People. Jesus wants to transform us and make us more like him, and one key way he does that is through other people.

The best way to find your people at Heartland is to join one of our Groups or to serve on a Team. 

All of our Group and Team Leaders are trained to expect new people to join in, so feel free to let them know you are interested by clicking on the “Request to Join” button once you find what you’re looking for after following the above link.

Going Deeper

At Heartland, we believe that the path to deeper spiritual growth is a journey that immerses us in the depths of love: love of God, love of self, and love of others. This journey isn’t solely comprised of grand spiritual moments; rather, it often unfolds in the simplicity and routine of everyday life. We recognize that this journey doesn’t evade life’s hardships; instead, it embraces them as tools for transformation.

While we might wish to engineer and systematize this journey, there’s a mysterious aspect to how grace works within our hearts and moves us towards love.  Somehow, one step forward and three steps back yields progress.

We invite you to embark on this profound journey together. Take a moment to explore the opportunities below.  Listen to what your heart is drawn to. Often, God stirs our hearts from within, leading us toward His transformative love.

The Going Deep at Heartland triangle represents a cumulative journey where STARTING begins with getting connected [Groups or Teams]. DEVELOPING adds practices that increase our investment in personal formation [Spiritual Direction, The Journey, Heartland College].  MATURING is when these things have fermented and we find we are free of ego, selfish ambition and the need to conquer the world and we simply give our lives and our deaths away in service to others and God.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a deeply personal and transformative one-on-one ministry facilitated by a skilled and formally trained listener. In these sessions, your unique narrative is attentively heard, insightful questions are posed, and together, you embark on a journey of self-discovery, unraveling the ways in which God is actively at work in your life. These sessions provide a sacred space for introspection, allowing you to delve into the intricacies of your existence and address the profound questions of faith that naturally arise. The process not only helps you navigate the challenges inherent in your spiritual journey but also illuminates the moments of joy and connection with the divine. To explore the availability and fees of our Heartland Spiritual Directors, please click Learn More.

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The Journey

A spiritual formation pathway that moves a person into a deeper level of relationship with God.  It consists of 21 sessions broken out into three stages of 7 sessions each.  It requires a higher commitment level than most groups but it’s also high yield in terms of impact. 

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Heartland College

A fully accredited bachelors or masters degree program that allows students to engage with Scripture in a more structured way, explore what key thinkers have said about God, the world, and our place in it, and integrate what they are learning in your everyday life and ministry.

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