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Discipleship Pathway

Jesus asked his disciples and is asking His Church today to make disciples of all nations. As an expression of that Church, Heartland is also tasked with making disciples. But how exactly are we participating in that mission? And further, how will we know when we are doing that well?

It can be hard to quantify, but the simple answer is this…

When those we are leading begin to live more and more like Jesus would if He were in their shoes.

But how do we move in that direction? How do we help people grow in this way?

We may start by identifying some spiritual growth catalysts. A catalyst precedes, ignites, and gets the ball rolling. A growth catalyst is something that sparks someone to grow, in this case, spiritually!

Here are five basic spiritual growth catalysts.

We’d like everyone who calls Heartland their church home to step into each of these catalysts – because we believe they will likely grow spiritually as a result.






Heartland’s Discipleship Pathway is a fancy way of answering the question, “How do we encourage people at Heartland to experience these spiritual growth catalysts?

 Here is Heartland’s Discipleship Pathway in 3 steps:


Join us in praising God at a Sunday Service.


Find your people by joining a Group or serving on a Team.


Join in what God is doing at Heartland by giving generously and/or leading a Group or Team.

We believe that as people take their next step along this pathway, they will experience God and begin seeing their life transformed by Jesus.

So take a moment and reflect on where you are on this pathway, and prayerfully consider how you might take your next step at Heartland!

We’d love to talk with you more about this! Click below to schedule a time to meet.