Heartland Williams Campus Pastor

1.) What name/nickname do you prefer to be called?

While there are still a few people who call me Andrew, I prefer to be called Drew (the name I officially adopted on the first day of school in 9th grade). I never go by Andy.

2.) If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be?

Campus Pastor at Heartland Williams + Friend of Family Ministry Staff + Official Geese Prevention Specialist + Medina County Fair Parking Emeritus.

3.) What is your favorite verse from The Bible?

I'm not sure I truly have a "favorite verse". One of my favorite passages is John 15:1-17, where Jesus describe himself as a vine and His followers as branches. I love the picture this passage paints of what it looks like to abide in Christ, to stay connected to Him daily, and the way God brings about fruitfulness through obedient lives centered in a loving relationship with God.

4.) What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

I love to play basketball, disc golf, spike ball, tennis, and several other sports. I especially enjoy coaching, serving, or mentoring students through relationships created by sports. I love to learn and frequently read about topics related to American and world history, sports, and life with Jesus. I also am passionate about caring for the birds who choose to make frequent stops in my front and backyard.

5.) What is your favorite cereal?

My favorite cereal is undoubtedly Reese's Puffs, but since I want to live long and prosper my standard cereal has become Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds.

6.) Which way does your toilet paper hang on the wall – over or under?

Over. That being said, I'm not passionate about this enough to change the direction when someone else has hung it the opposite way.

7.) What are three things still left on your bucket list?

I'm not the biggest dreamer in the world, and I certainly don't have a bucket list. Three things I'm always in pursuit of are the perfect cup of coffee, a hole in one in disc golf, and growth in the process of becoming a more loving husband.