The PURPOSE of SEND, Heartland’s Internship and Residency Program, is to develop leaders in vocational ministry. We are passionate about investing in future leaders for our own church as well as developing leaders that we will send out to where God is leading them.

Ephesians 4:11-13 reminds us that it’s the church’s job to recruit, train, and empower people to serve in God’s Kingdom, and it’s through serving that we mature in our faith.

The VISION of SEND is to Recruit, Train, Empower, and Send people into the Kingdom to effectively use their God-given gifts and passions to serve and lead wherever God calls them.

Program Structure

SEND currently has three different program options: 

10 Week Interns
Year-Long Interns

Currently, the SEND Program is looking for and hiring 10-Week Interns.

Application Process

10-Week Interns can begin the first Tuesday of every month at our monthly All-Staff Meeting. Please note, your application must be received at least one week prior to the Tuesday you’d like to start. 


The Application Process  includes an online application, in-person interview or Zoom interview, and staff deliberation. 


Nicole Weidokal, Executive Director of Operations |