Pastoral Care is a broad term often relating to the care and work of the pastor or pastors within a church.

At Heartland Community Church, when we speak of pastoral care we are speaking of a specific ministry rather than all of the duties of the pastor.

We see Pastoral Care as living life with those around us. We are here to rejoice with, encourage, comfort, and walk alongside those around us through all circumstances life brings our way. We are here to share the love of Jesus with everyone we encounter.


Many of our pastors and staff are available to facilitate weddings. We also use the Prepare/Enrich Assessment and Study with couples prior to marriage. We are available to facilitate weddings at either of our Heartland campus locations or off-site locations.

Many of our staff are available to facilitate funerals and graveside services, as well as memorial services.

We are available to visit those who are in hospitals and in rehab facilities to chat, encourage, and pray with them as they journey through the process of recovery and healing.

There are times you may find yourself in a time of hospice with those you love. We are here to walk with you. We visit to encourage and pray with you and your family.

There are times when you may find yourself or those you care about confined to a home. While healing and therapy continue making it impossible to attend weekly church services, we are available to visit, pray and bring communion to you at home or in long-term care settings.

We make one time, regular or periodic visits to all of these facilities. It might be a visit during a time of rest after health treatment, or with residents who like to have us visit, talk, read to them or just be an encouragement.

Prayer is the core of what we do. We pray for you in a variety of ways and methods. We learn of your prayer needs through Heartland’s welcome cards, Facebook requests, in person requests, emails, texts and phone calls. As we learn of your prayer requests we add them to a prayer request form that goes to our pastoral care team, church staff members and prayer team.

During anointing scripture is read, there are a couple of prayers offered and oil may be used. Anointing can be done in all the above settings and circumstances.

Pastoral Care Request Form

Fill out this form and a member of our Pastoral Care Team will contact you.

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