Project Description

Heartland Student Ministries is a great place to experience community and learn about Jesus.

What to expect:

Find. Follow. Share.

Our vision is for students to find a relationship with Jesus, be equipped to follow Him, and sent out to share His love with their community and the world.

We Are…

A place to experience God

A place to be discipled

A place to find community

A place to be heard

A place to find rest

Reaching Students

We engage our students in events and activities that are appropriate to their age group. Researching and keeping connected to what interests them, we can help to assist them on their journey to better understand their relationship with Christ and how to strengthen and develop that relationship.

Our Student Ministry Team

We believe students grow the most when they are in relationships with people who love God and love them. At Heartland, we have a dedicated group of adult leaders that invest time and energy into connecting with our students. These background-checked volunteer leaders seek to be faithful and stable role models who share the good news about Jesus and the love of God with students.

Having Fun Along the Way

Building a healthy relationship with Christ is serious business, but we feel it is important that our students have some fun as they build a relationship with God and other students who are following Jesus. We provide retreats, missions trips, and events where memories are made, community is created, and God’s love is experienced.

6th-8th Graders

The Middle is our ministry for 6th-8th grade students. It is a place where middle school students will be taught the Bible, encouraged to think about their beliefs, and given permission to ask questions. The Middle is led by an awesome team of adults and high school students who love Jesus. These adults commit to loving students, building relationships with them, and creating an exciting environment.

The Middle consists of games, skits, creative teaching, and small group time designed to let students be heard. 

The Middle Meetings 

Thursday Nights | 7:00-8:30PM | Heartland Weymouth Campus

9th-12th Graders

The Pride (9th – 12th graders) is our High School Ministry. The Pride includes Sunday evening gatherings, retreats, and missions trips.

Sunday Nights | 6:00-7:30pm| Video Zoom Meeting:

Sunday Meeting ID: 996-5649-1000

Wednesday Meeting ID: 600-075-786

Join your peers and leaders whose mission is to show you that you can have a relationship with Jesus now! 

Sign up for our texting service by texting PRIDE to 97000

Students, We Are Here For You!

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