Life, Connect and Support Groups

We believe that life transformation happens in the context of community! This is why there are many different opportunities to gather with a group of people who are interested in pursuing their spiritual growth and doing life together. Life Groups, Connect Groups and Support Groups exist to create intentional communities that live out what it means to FIND, FOLLOW, and SHARE the love of God.

Heartland offers many different types of Groups: Men’s + Women’s Groups, Co-ed Adult Groups, Connect Groups and Support Groups. All of our Groups exist to help you get connected with other people who share your interests or are in similar seasons of life. These groups are a great way to make new friends and begin getting connected with what God’s doing through the Heartland Family!

Small Groups, Growing Relationships

Life Groups exist to help people get connected with other people at Heartland who share the passions to grow in their relationships with God. Life Groups often consist of a community of 6-10 people that are focused on a specific Bible study, Topical study, or Book study, that challenges and encourages your faith.

Sharing Our Gifts and Passions

Connect Groups are a community of people on mission that intentionally use their passions and gifts to SHARE Jesus’ love with a specific group of people. Connect Groups often consist of a community of 10-45 people that are on mission together to serve and impact people that are not a part of the Heartland family.

Supporting One Another

Support Groups exist to bring support and encouragement to individuals in a specific area of their life.

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