As we continue to pursue a path towards equality and learning the truth behind racism in our country, we would like to keep the conversation moving forward. We have compiled a list of resources to help us all gain a more clear understanding of racial injustice.

One suggestion for these resources is to not just power through them but to approach them slowly and with an open heart, mind, and posture to be potentially broken. Take time to sit, reflect, repent, and lament where it would be necessary. Work through these resources with others in your life and community.

Approach these resources with Both-And thinking. That is, be both open-minded to changing your views and work through them with a critical eye.  Do not just believe something because it appears in a book, article, or website.  Test the claims against other trusted sources.  Seek out different views and resources that may contradict some of the ideas listed on this page and assess them on their own merits. This is how we avoid confirmation bias of our own preconceived notions, and will help move us closer to the truth.






Parent Resources